Anna may trogstad

I think the fact I’m leaving for Heathrow in T-54 hours now is a reasonable excuse for heavy acid reflux.

Obviously, feeling like The Toxic Avenger is mopping his way up my throat isn’t exactly welcome. However, it’s good. “Do something that scares you every day”, right? This is a mantra that I recall most prominently from a Flora advert years ago, which means that being terrified of new adventures handily comes with a reminder to keep on top of my cholesterol.

Flora’s ad agency from yesteryear are correct. I’ve just got one massive thing that’s going to scare me every day for weeks to come, but it’s good. It’s time for a new book, not a new chapter.

What do I know so far about my adventures to New Zealand?

  1. The group I’m travelling with seem lovely
    It’s been reassuring so far to get to know (and get the…

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