Justice is Coming: GOT

One of the truest statements that could ever be said about Game of Thrones is its constant handouts of injustice. We’ve seen the good die horribly, and the evil thrive; we’ve watched as characters walk into the televised world of Westeros, bringing with them hope that we may see actions or events that will make our heart’s fill with joy, only for the same characters to be killed off horribly, leaving our hearts, once again, a wreck. The list is long, and continues to grow as each episode passes, especially this season (RIP Doran, Hotah, Osha, Shaggydog, Summer & the greatest hero that ever lived, Hodor).

He held the door so that his friends might live, we shall never see his like again </3

Now, one of the biggest injustices in the entire Game of Thrones universe has been with the Starks. Yes, the honourable yet foolish house of the north has been the butt of many a cruel crime – ever since Ned decided to try and peacefully depose the throne and lost his head for it, the Starks have been in one of those, ‘it’s all downhill from here’ kind of scenarios. Sure, we’ve seen some ups. We saw Bran and Rickon escape both the Greyjoys and the Boltons, we’ve seen Ayra take sweet revenge against some of the people who have wronged her, and we saw Ned’s fate get a small platter of just desserts when Lord Janos cowered and cried at the chopping block, right before Jon took his head.

As the years and seasons have passed, this relentless bad fortune has been spread across many characters and families, yet whenever someone is asked who has had it the worst in Game of Thrones, no-one can deny that title to the Starks. For all the bad things that have happened to them though, and while the death count on the show is boasting that it won’t slow down any time soon, it seems that the Starks are finally on the up and up.

Still one of my favourite moments – Small justice for Ned.

Yes, it was hard to hold back a well of tears when Jon and Sansa embraced hard and lovingly a couple of episodes ago, breaking the common theme of ‘one Stark arrives, another leaves’ we keep on seeing. While this isn’t by any means a victory, and while it’s clear that Sansa and Jon have a hard road ahead if Ramsey’s letter was anything to go by, it seems at this rate everything is going to come up Stark by the end.

The first great fact about this justice is that it will be Sansa and Jon at the head of it, and they’ve perhaps had things the worst as Starks go, but once more, they are the characters that have grown the most. Jon went from being a prideful, whiney brat who arrived at Castle Black with the hopes of being the best and hounding the glory, as well as making a name for himself (a feat rarely associated with bastards), to a living shadow of his dearly departed daddy (or uncle, depending on where your predictions lie); honourable, noble and just, with no hint of pride or lust for power. And Sansa, whether you loved her from that start, or she’s only recently become your new favourite heroine, there’s no denying how much she’s changed. She began her journey with the stereotypical naive fantasies that are often associated with young girls, just instead of Barbie’s playhouse, it’s knight’s killing things. Now, Sansa is a veteran of the reality of the world, seeing its cruelty and lies first hand, and wants to use that knowledge to fight against it; she knows how to play the game but she’s no schemer like Littlefinger.

Better hero than Daenerys #andwhat

This is all just a theory I know, it may yet come to pass that Ramsay’s letter threats come true and we have to sit through events darker than something you would find in the a Human Centipede films; yet, the main reason the Starks may see the justice they deserve, is who they have backing them up. As it stands, Sansa and Jon have some of the best characters in the series, and I mean best in a very broad sense, as these characters are also the ones we root for the most.

We have Brienne, a strong woman warrior with a kind heart whose honour and loyalty is matched only by dearly missed Ned; we have Pod(rick) Payne, the most loyal squire who ever lived; Tormund Giantsbane, a tough and ferocious killer who puts the needs and lives of the weak and innocent before his own; Ser Davos, the Onion Knight, a man who could talk a fish out of water, brimming with wisdom and spirituality, and his loyalty is unquestioned; finally we have Mellis…okay maybe not her, but we’ve got a superb list all the same.


It’s all speculation at this point, but it seems the Starks are about to be able to go round tea-bagging everyone that’s ever wronged them. Perhaps it’s a fool’s hope but with this line-up backing them, all roads seem to point in one direction.

They say every dog has his day, so I wonder what kind of day will the Direwolf have?


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