What A Man Wishes For Game Of Thrones Season 6

With season six of everyone’s favourite non-porn thing to crank their shafts to just a few hours away, anyone who can call themselves a fan is talking about what kind of epic events we’re in store for this season. In every corner of the world there are people talking and discussing about this beloved show – there have been so many theories, so many online debates, and so many sore fingers as result of the continuous clicking of their mouses to slow down the trailers and spot things in order to dissect them.

                                               Get Hyyyyppped!!

If you googled the new season right now, you’ll find all these theories and debates and each one just makes fans like me even more hyped. Every single one of them has credibility and justice which makes all this talk even better, which I think if I personally was to give a reason as to why I adore this show, that would be it. The Game of Thrones universe has so much life to it, whether we’re seeing the events first hand, or we’re hearing of its history, its hard to find many holes or inexplicable aspects which makes even more fun to talk about. The attention to detail when it comes to layering this show thick in diversity and depth is phenomenal and I think that’s why its become the hit show that it is.

Oh by the way, I’m separating the books away from the TV series because while I love them both dearly, I think when it comes down to it, they shouldn’t be compared so thoroughly as they are because as we saw in various moments last season, the show is flying off on its own ideas.

But with all this talk and all this excitement, there’s one thing about the new series that I crave more than most, and there’s one reason for this: and that is exactly the deep and detailed world it’s created, and I don’t mean just mean with the world itself, I mean with everything else – in particular, the characters. It’s no secret that Game of Thrones is a collection of colourful characters, but whether you love them or hate them, each character also has depth. Each event they play a part in can be linked to something we know about their character, and we can always justify their actions based on what we’ve seen and deduced. While there are hiccups here and there, and there are some moments I do think are wrong or unnecessary, as a writer myself, I will always admire and respect the attention the writers give to this wondrous show.

So with all that mind, d’ya want to know my biggest wish for this season? That Stannis of the House Baratheon, first of his name, rightful King of the Andals and The First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm, is in fact alive.


(If you’re not caught up on series 5 yet you monster then I wouldn’t continue, for this post is dark and full of spoilers).

So, the last time we saw Stannis was when he was bleeding beneath a tree not far from Winterfell after losing the battle to the Boltons, beaten both strategically and physically and unable to even stand. Then along comes Brienne to exact justice on Stannis for the murder of his brother Renly. Unable to think of any true last words, he utters ‘go on, do your duty’ and we see her swing the sword, and that’s that. Well is it?


Now, the thing I love most about Stannis is that while on the one hand, he could arguably be one of the more evil and sadistic characters on the show, with his cold demeanor, his brutish, often unemotional outlooks, and his reliance on representative of a questionable religion. But what makes him such a compelling character to watch, is that he could arguably be one of the more good and honorable characters on the show.

He’s also a grammar nazi:

For example, his conquest for the throne isn’t based off of any greed or hunger for power, it’s based off of duty. And for those who don’t remember, the last character to go on about duty and honour was the beloved Ned Stark, a man who supported Stannis’ claim with his life.

Now bearing in mind the actions Stannis took in series 5 were absolutely awful, and in truth, I think having him burn his daughter alive as a desperate attempt to curry favour with a god was a poor choice on the writer’s part, there may be an opportunity to create one of the greatest character arcs in TV history. Stannis was as I said a desperate man – in the end, looking for any way for him to come out on top of the Boltons and finally gain the support of the north he would need to carry on with his liberation, and when he burnt Shireen at the stake it was hard to justify him as a force for good. However, it seemed that beneath that tree near Winterfell he was accepting in his defeat, that he knew everything that had come to pass and the choices he made had led him to that point.

And he did have this lovely moment.
And he did have this lovely moment.

But, if we were to see that in fact, Brienne had spared his life for whatever reason, we could see a Stannis that would perhaps think that due to his actions and his devotion to the notion of honour and duty, he doesn’t seem fit to rule as king, and would look to help put seomone else on that throne – maybe one of Stark and Targaryen blood?

(Oh yeah, R + L = J – amirite?)

I don’t know, maybe it’s just a fools hope, after all, I know the end result won’t be him on the throne so maybe he’s used up his run so to speak, but I refuse to believe seeing such a deep and conflicted character change so much throughout the seasons ends with an out of nowhere batshit moment followed shortly by his demise. We’ve seen him lead at the Battle of Blackwater, save the Night’s Watch from the Wildlings, and march an army to Winterfell without a hope of victory – it wouldn’t be fair to end that time with a whimper.

Stannis is the Mannis, and he deserves a bang.

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